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MyCaseRecords is quickly becoming the leading name
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Substance Abuse treatment clinics are discovering a new and better way to run and manage their facilities, and their choice is clear. MyCaseRecords is a comprehensive, easy-to-use suite of online solutions created exclusively for and by behavioral health professionals.

Some of the features include:

  • Client Management
  • Case Assignment
  • Online Agency Scheduling
  • Human Resources
  • Reports and Statistics
  • Customizable Agency Forms


  • Activity Form Manager
  • Assessment
  • Treatment Plan
  • Progress Notes
  • Group Notes
  • Discharge Summary

Secure. Easy-to-Use. Affordable.

MyCaseRecords is committed to liberating ADP facilities from the hidden costs and inefficiencies of running paper-based operations or outdated computer systems. With MyCaseRecords, you can focus on caring for your clients while receiving first-class support; all on a secure and affordable Internet platform.
"MyCaseRecords is simple to navigate, cutting edge, and time efficient!"
Joe Aragon,
President of CAADAC (California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors)
"MyCaseRecords is all about making a counselor's job easier..."
Dr. John Herdman,
author of Global Criteria: The 12 Core Functions of the Substance Abuse Counselor
MyCaseRecords is web based practice management software for substance abuse counselors and other behavioral health professionals. MyCaseRecords case management system assists in increasing operational efficiency of drug rehabilitation centers and other substance abuse facilities. Features include automation of treatment plans & notes, workflow & document management.