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Training and Tutorial Overview

MyCaseRecords training team is here to quickly respond to all your questions in order help you utilize the application at its highest potential and ensure its successful adoption by you and your staff.

Our commitment does not end after your initial investment. We are dedicated to your continuous education and improvement of all users by offering a number of flexible training options.

Initial Setup

We help you make initial setup fast and easy
This includes system orientation, dedicated project management, data conversion, training and personalization.

Automated Tutorials

Easy to follow flash training tutorials are always available on MyCaseRecords website offering instant reference ability. This also allows your staff the flexibility to learn the system on their own schedule and at their own pace.
Click here for Automated Tutorials

Phone Training

Our goal is to have you up and running as quickly as possible, while making sure you are absolutely comfortable using our system in daily work mode. We offer complimentary phone training support for up to 14 days after your purchase. If you require additional training time, you can always contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Onsite Training

Need us to train you or your staff in person? Our experts can deliver unparalleled results for you and your staff. Onsite training can be held anywhere: our office or yours, a branch office, a nearby conference center or hotel. You can choose the Onsite Training format:
      Half-day sessions: $1,500 plus associated travel costs
      Full day sessions: $2,500 plus associated travel costs
      Two-day sessions: $3,500 plus associated travel costs
      *all travel cost are computed as departure from Los Angeles, CA
MyCaseRecords is web based practice management software for substance abuse counselors and other behavioral health professionals. MyCaseRecords case management system assists in increasing operational efficiency of drug rehabilitation centers and other substance abuse facilities. Features include automation of treatment plans & notes, workflow & document management.