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Case Management System


MyCaseRecords Case Management System places many features right at your fingertips to streamline the daily activities of facility management, counselors and staff.

Client management

The Case Management System allows you to view and manage all client records from admission to discharge.
If a client requires reentry into a facility or another program, a new case number will be assigned for each instance, allowing access to primary tracking through the original client number.

Case management

Each client can have multiple "cases" or treatment episodes. The system automatically organizes case records in the client profile along with other relevant data.

Activity and forms management

This feature allows you to document all client-related activities and complete necessary forms, while having them electronically organized.

Activities Include:

Screening Form

This feature enables easy documentation of collected screening data. The data recorded here auto populates to many other relevant forms within the Case Management System.

Intakes Form(s)

You can use forms from our Library of Forms or have your own forms designed by our professional staff.

Client Rights and Responsibilities Form

Select the template from our Library of Forms or have your own form designed by our professional staff.

Herdman Assessment Form (HAF)

The HAF is a comprehensive bio-psycho-social semi-structure interview, where a counselor provides the diagnosis, summary and recommendations for level of care.

Treatment Plan

Treatment Plans are built-in and flexible, allowing for clear and concise entry of client goals and objectives as well as the ability to update the treatment plan at any time. You can use the treatment plan format and stored goals and objectives or add your own agency-created goals and objectives.

Progress Notes

This feature enables you to efficiently document all aspects of your client's care, from admission to discharge, and track all services provided to your clients, including billable hours.
Intake Case Note - Document and detail the initial intake of a client
Individual Progress Note - Select and use a progress note form from our Library of Forms
Group Progress Note - Group session detail and group notes allow staff to plan, track, record and review all group activities. Each entry for group sessions is also attached and cross indexed to that client's case ID
Crisis Note - Document the crisis and the action steps used to deal with the crisis, document the plan or change to the treatment plan as a result of the crisis event
Collateral Note - Document the collateral contact made with others regarding the client

Documentation Log Sheet (record case management, referral and consultation activity)

Using this form you can document all activities not covered by another forms in the Library.

Discharge Planning Form

This form allows you to document the discharge planning session held with a client.

Justification of treatment continuation

This form les you document and justify treatment continuation.

Discharge Summary

You can use the discharge summary form from our Library of Forms or have your own custom designed by our professional staff.

Evaluation Staffing Record

You can document the initial 30, 60 or 90-day client reviews.

"Start Program" Letter

This form gives you a letter format to document the client start to a program or service.

"End Program" Letter

Similar to the "Start Program" Letter, this form offers a letter format to document the client completion of a program or service.

Custom Forms

*Please contact MyCaseRecords for development of agency specific custom forms.


With the Scheduling feature, you can easily schedule individual clients, groups, classes, staff activities, and other recurring events.

Referral Management

This tool allows you to develop a database of referral names, agencies and contact information, as well as track source of referrals, see reports and use the database to send e-mail campaigns.

Employee Management

You can record and maintain important employee data. In addition, you can scan, store and track important documentation such as licenses, certifications, malpractice policy information and much more.

Reports and Dashboards

MyCaseRecords gives you the option to choose a report from our Library of Reports or design your own. The agency and client data is at your fingertips in a concise manner with this feature. The system dashboards show you summaries of data that you choose.

Workflow and Rules

Facility directors can use the Rules function to automate facility processes and save time and reduce mistakes. For example, a manager can write a rule that will automatically generate a pending discharge summary that will be due within 10 days of client discharge.

Security and Roles

The Case Management System is secure and HIPAA compliant. All client data is secure, SSL encrypted and password protected. User access is determined within the role established by the agency administrator.

Simple, Secure User Login

Secure role-based organization for each staff member with specific accessibility to data
Users log into their own personalized homepage/dashboard
Staff do not have to be at assigned stations; any computer with Internet access will work


This feature integrates newly entered data with your existing legacy billing process and allows the option of migrating it to MyCaseRecords online billing module.
MyCaseRecords is web based practice management software for substance abuse counselors and other behavioral health professionals. MyCaseRecords case management system assists in increasing operational efficiency of drug rehabilitation centers and other substance abuse facilities. Features include automation of treatment plans & notes, workflow & document management.