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Herdman Assessment Form


Part of MyCaseRecords, the Herdman Assessment Form offers these benefits:

  • Easily administered semi-structured interview questions that cover eight (8) important sections of a client's bio-psycho-social history
  • Client answers easily recorded in the HAF
  • Optional sections enhance the client assessment and provide a more complete picture of a client's current areas of difficulty
  • Counselor has comprehensive data with which to develop a diagnostic impression
  • Counselor can easily prepare a summary and make appropriate recommendations
  • The HAF generates an editable reader-friendly report that demonstrates the quality of assessment
  • Results of the assessment are stored in the client case for easy retrieval
MyCaseRecords is web based practice management software for substance abuse counselors and other behavioral health professionals. MyCaseRecords case management system assists in increasing operational efficiency of drug rehabilitation centers and other substance abuse facilities. Features include automation of treatment plans & notes, workflow & document management.