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Herdman Assessment Form


The Herdman Assessment Form gives counselors the ability to keep track of client responses to a series of semi-structured questions, in an organized electronic format.

Standard Sections Include:

  • Presenting Problem / Primary Complaint
  • Demographic Information
  • Alcohol and Drug History
  • Psychiatric History
  • Medical History
  • Legal History
  • Education, Employment and Military History
  • Family History and Family Relationships
Additionally, a counselor may access the following extra tools to enhance the client assessment and report of findings:

Optional Sections Include:

  • SASSI-3 Reporting
  • University of Rhode Island Change Assessment (URICA)
  • ASAM Patient Placement Criteria Rating

A counselor can also use special sections to write the following:

  • Diagnostic Impression using the DSM-IV TR Axes
  • Summary of the Assessment
  • Recommendations
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